What are these orange stains on my dark clothing?

I first noticed them a few months ago, they are these faded looking orange stains on some of my green, grey, and black clothes. They only occur around the hole of the neck, at the back of the shirt. They’ve ruined a few beloved shirts and are getting annoying. What are they and how do I stop them?

3 thoughts on “What are these orange stains on my dark clothing?”

  1. Sounds like rust. I remember getting these sorts of stains when leaving damp towels in my locker too long. To prevent getting them anymore, make sure you’re not using anything like metal hangers and such. If you’re leaving your clothing damp someplace, that could be the cause. Are you wearing some sort of necklace, and that could be the cause of the rust stains? Just try to watch what you’ve been exposing these shirts to.

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