Cmon? living Green!? isnt America totally a hypocrite?

true Living green in my opinion is getting rid of the cars and planes and the military (who are the worst abusers of natural resources). Getting rid of electricity also by unplugging Damns and letting the waters replenish the lands with saturation. That is what living GREEN TRULY Means!

but seeing that things will change soon anyway, this is the "planned" course of the Lord.

3 thoughts on “Cmon? living Green!? isnt America totally a hypocrite?”

  1. pitybluesboy (fighting the man)

    Your absolutely correct in what you just stated.
    However that will never change until our Lord comes back to earth!
    What does it say when one of the worst abusers of energy by an individual ( Al Gore) makes a movie to promote an idea or belief that even he does not adhere to and gets an Academy Award for best documentary!
    Even has the nerve to be one of the few people showing up to the awards ceremony in a limo instead of a "Green Car"!
    Yet we do not rake his over the coals of the press!
    But what does that say about America?

  2. OOOOhhhhhhkay! Anyway, you are right. The United States is totally based on a ideology of hypocrites. Starting with most "so call religious peoples", who only want to be in other peoples business because they think they are more moral, or they claim that God told to them to go to war and fight terrorism. Only to find out latter they altered the intelligence and "we" are in Iraq for the oil so Haliburton can make record profits for their shareholders.
    But overall what you have to say in your question is right. But there is an easier way. It is called living sustainably. That is focus on being as local as you possible can in your consumer purchases. Like building your home, only use materials that come from a max distance of 500 miles. Have a garden, or grow parenials that produce food instead of growing a grass lawn.
    But to rant on there are all those Conservatives who always run for office as "compassionate" end up being a bunch of liars and crooks. Then they go work for the very same corporations that they lied and stole from taxpayers for. But it’s not the politicians fault. Oh no, it’s the uninformed voter who falls for the "don’t vote for anything environmental / health-care / social / etc., because it’ll raise your taxes" BS line every time.
    But what is the biggest load? It is those that say "oh well, we can do whatever we want to the earth because god gave it to me! And if my children inherit a scorched earth, then it was only god bringing about Armageddon." Which by the way Revelations was not added to the bible until the 1300 to keep Pagans from leaving the church.

  3. Yes, going back to the way the original inhabitants lived is totally green. That doesn’t mean we can’t waste less and pollute less without moving into a yurt. I don’t believe it has to be an all or nothing conversion. I think we can improve our environment and quit destroying ecosystems and still have many modern conveniences. I also think if we want the average America to make better choices we need to make it appealing and obtainable for them. I think the average American would rather leave a legacy of uninhabitable pollution than give up comfort. I think we can clean up the air and water and still have a/c, but it will take change. I think an increasing number of people are willing to make that change and as the economy takes a dump more people will see that the green motto of reduce, reuse and recycle will save them money as well.

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