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In today’s segment of our green living series, on environmentally friendly members of the Hakka community in Taiwan, we now go to Xinshi, in Hsinchu County, to visit residents who are helping turn trash into resources, to be reused, and even treasured. Recycling mothers and grandmothers: ” We are happy to serve! ” These group of mothers and grandmothers are Xinshi Community’s very own recycling team. They arrive with bags nearly as tall as themselves filled with items to be recycled from their homes and those found around the community. Xinshi Community resident, Luo Zhenzhu: ” The ones from home we bring here. Newspapers also have to be recycled. When walking, we often pick up things to be recycled. ” ( Helping keep their community clean ) For these volunteers, helping the community recycle is as important as recycling their own trash. In five minutes, these experts have already divided up the trash into its proper categories. So aunty, you’ve been doing this for more than 10 years? Yes. (A form of public service) The items are gathered and divided up in the backyard of Xu Meihua, who is more than willing to offer the space to the volunteers. To her, it is a way of public service. Xinshi Community resident, Xu Meihua: “They can gather here to work. Most of us are mothers and grandmothers with grown-up kids. So we started this recycling as a public service, one in which no one has to spend any money. ” (A positive influence) This view is slowly finding acceptance among

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