Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

A lot of fashion designers are going green. You can find a wide-range of organic, hemp, bamboo or, most popular of all, organic cotton clothes. Here are a few different styles that you can get from eco-friendly and recycled materials.

11 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fashion Show”

  1. How can a style be eco-friendly. Its the fabric that is eco-friendly and bamboo is the most sustainable and highest quality.

  2. some of those were really cute!! but some of them were just like… why and what were you smoking to think that looked good on anything outside of the list of 101 things that should be burned on sight.

  3. rebelgamer, organic cotton is a joke? It’s people like you who continue to contribute to destroying our planet, you should be embarrassed.

  4. i love eco-fashion!!!! I don’t own any clothing that is made with organic materials but one day I will!! And I hope that clothing companies go organic too!!! ^-^

  5. Lol retards you dont even know what is eco fashion and comment like you know everything,if you search the net you could find quite a lot about eco fashion and then you wont look stupid when posting your comments.

  6. some of those items were actually decent. the first dress was nice, and a few of the others. if they’re really “eco friendly”, cool.

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