Jack Johnson’s Solar Powered Studio – CNN (Jan. 2008)

An exclusive look at Jack Johnson’s new record “Sleep Through The Static” and Jack, Emmett Malloy and the Brushfire Records’ new solar powered studio.

17 thoughts on “Jack Johnson’s Solar Powered Studio – CNN (Jan. 2008)”

  1. is that jack’s house or that’s just the studio or that’s the studio and his house ?? YOU’RE THE BESSSSSSSSST JACK LOVE YOU

  2. Man si glad to run across this one. About time we see some real world examples of what one can do with Photovoltaic power systems. It’s all about getting people to just use their head a little. Nice work Jack and the rest of the guys and gals that made this project work. Totally CQQL!

  3. inspirational it really makes me think now like when i leave my computer on and different things like that

  4. Yeah I think she was just excited to be interviewing him. Wouldnnt you be? Well he basically is the most kind moral human being who deserves what hes has.

  5. MAN he is PERFECT if everyone was like him we would be living in a WAY BETTER WORLD


  6. ihategiantspiders

    Nice studio, jesus could the reporter be any more fuckin’ yay or Disney like, seriously it’s like the clip was shot for a kids tv show.

  7. DANG, this guy is straight up good all around. press mgith as well give up theres no dirt to be dug. rofl.

    u gotta love it.

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