DIY Solar Energy: Homemade Solar & Wind Power System – For those who wish to go green (solar or wind energy for the home) but can’t afford the lump sum it typically costs up front; give the do-it-yourself option a try for a small investment of just for instructions & plans. Also check out the true benefits of solar energy and how it’s applied, these systems are becoming more common and more affordable throughout the US and the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “DIY Solar Energy: Homemade Solar & Wind Power System”

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  2. @fileark I read that was true in the very old days when the cases were made of different materials and it is not true any longer.

  3. Nice, I would like to come and play in your shop! By the way couldn’t really see by the video but it looked like you may have had those batteries on the concrete floor. You will want to get those off of the concrete as it will reduce the life of your batteries.

  4. nice system!! can you power up a small house thats off the grid like this? how do do tie the solar and the wind generator in with each other?

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