Does anyone think the 'Green Living' movement has gotten out of control?

I am all for reducing energy consumption/resources, but some people won’t be happy until we are living back in caves. This just annoys me people don’t understand the world at all, and want everything changed now!!

6 thoughts on “Does anyone think the 'Green Living' movement has gotten out of control?”

  1. I think ‘out of control" is an overstatement, but "living green" is just a euphemism for things most of us can’t afford.
    Watch TV and see the so called "green" houses then even try to implement half of that stuff and you’ll end up in the poor house real quick instead of a "green" home.
    The one that got me years ago was the idea to "save the whales".. I lived in Ohio and very few whales ever swam up the Miami river so perhaps we should be thinking of things everyone can afford and things that affect us more directly. If a bug in Uganda goes extinct I’m not going to loose much sleep over that, but if someone is dumping toxic sludge in my drinking water I might just get a tad ticked off.
    I do more than most people even think of doing for the environment because I am the scrap man. I pick up and sell scrap metal and recycle about a half a ton every day, but still get police called on me for digging in dumpsters and looked down on because I get filthy dirty for a living.. Someone who saves a few plastic bottles probably saves about 1/1,000,000th of a kilowatt of power.. So impressive, huh?

  2. I never had and never intend to "go green". These eco warrier, tree hugging, muesli eating greenies really get my back up with their constant banging on about the environment. We just have to had a colder or hotter than normal day and they start off again on their global warming rants. They try to brain wash us all with their recycling babble – we all know that most of our rubbish gets shipped off to other countries (India and China) to pollute their countries. It’s the biggest swindle of the last century – just a good excuse for the Government to tax us all.

  3. well its very important so no i dont think that it is out of control…if the people in the world would just use a lil less and recycle just a lil more the world would be much better…it can be a lil bit annoying when that is all some people talk about but its important

  4. It is out of control. Basically, its some trendy thing chicks at offices say all the time. Going green is just the new fad. Ten years from now they will mock it on a VH1 show about the 2000’s.

  5. OMG YES! i mean yeah we need to be green and not deplete our resources but my god ppl! there are bigger things going on like war and starvation in third world ccountries…shouldnt we try fix that first?

  6. agree.I think all should do our part where we can but some of this mandatory stuff will cause more harm than good.And if "green living" were the right way to go for everyone then you should not have to pay one penny more for it.That turns me off from the beginning,someone dictating how much I can afford,in order to follow the crowd,well I never have been one to do that,no need to start at this late date.I re use,recycle and reduce because it is just an easier way to live not because some new Green label said I should.I have done this all my life and my children do it too,long before it became popular to do so.

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