does the whole green living or environmental thing just annoy you?

like i have no desire at all to live greenly. i just want the cheapest stuff at maximum convinience and damn the planet, i’ll die before the earth burns.

9 thoughts on “does the whole green living or environmental thing just annoy you?”

  1. If you are eating and using the cheapest stuff you are more likely to die quicker. There are more chemicals than food in many things we purchase at the grocery store. A person could suffer malnutrition from the typical American diet, which is full of artificial vitamins and over processed grains. If you eat our of a box you are eating grains, mostly corn that has been stripped of all it’s nutrients and high fruitous corn syrup, not to mention a lethal dose of salt. If you are using antibactireal soaps you are absorbing herbacides, if you are using bathroom and kitchen cleaners with bleach you are inhaling a caustic substance into your lungs and if you are using hot water you are increasing your dose.

    I hope you don’t have children, because they will have to suffer through all the pollution we have created, not to mention the water shortages.

  2. Its not about you dying before the earth burns out. Pollution can harm your lungs, heart etc.Contamination caused by pollution can have damaging effects in the brain and central nervous system. hence by polluting you are no safe!
    Moreover you got to bother about the future of your children and grand children. Environment is running short on fuels, water etc. How will the future generations survive, especially without water?
    Hence please be more eco conscious and start adopting green initiatives.

  3. All we have to do is invent the air filter that captures 99% of soot and captures and compresses CO2. That way we can burn all the trash we want and it won’t pollute the air. We will also be able to burn all the fossil fuels we want and feed the plants with the CO2. We’re already harvesting methane from landfills.

  4. No, not really! Does it bother you that you could get cancer from all the disgusting stuff we put into the air, or that in as little as 50 years our earth could change drastically? Or that all the countries in the world could have populations exponentially rise?
    I agree that sometimes people get annoying about the whole thing, but being green AND getting this cheaply can leave a nice feeling inside!

  5. wow u r the most self centered person ever and idc ur other questions mean being bi has nothing to do with cake i dont get that.

  6. If you don’t care about the future or your children’s future or their children’s future, that’s a great attitude.

  7. I’m with you Bob. I also love the smell of burning coal, it reminds me of my gandaddy’s house in the winter when i was young.

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