Solar projects enlighten students -School District looking skywards for solutions

COMOX VALLEY — The Comox Valley School District is hoping to enlighten students and the general public through new alternative energy projects it has on the go. The first is through the creation of the valley’s first solar powered sign, a project designed and manufactured through the physics and engineering students of Georges P. Vanier Secondary School. The sign, located on the front of the school’s property utilizes a large solar panel which harnesses the sun’s energy and stores it as battery power for night time illuminations. Engineering teacher Steve Classen said the project shows kids and the community the potential of solar energy, proving fossil fuels don’t have to be relied on anymore. The district had earlier completed a project on the roof of Highland Secondary in Comox. In that instance, water passes through large solar panels heating the water in order to cut down on the school’s hot water heating bills. The projects are considered a first step in “getting people excited about solar energy letting them know the district is committed to energy conservation” according to the district’s Manager of Energy Conservation, Fred McGregor

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