EcoFabulous Construction – Green Sustainable Eco-Friendly Modular Home in Canada

The EcoFabulous Home was designed by Kanau Uyeyama Architect Inc. As a firm, we have been researching eco-friendly solutions for many years. In 2008 we put all our knowledge to the test and designed and built the EcoFabulous Home (1000 sq.ft., 400sq.ft. deck) as the Feature Home for the British Columbia Home and Garden Show. There is a living wing (kitchen, dining, sitting) and a bedroom wing (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms). Eco-friendly solutions included such things as 100% recycled paper with zero VOCs for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cedar deck, siding and spa skirt, and other sustainable woods, CFLs and LEDs, Hydronic heating system with each radiator with its own non-electric thermostat 95% plus efficiency gas fired condensing boiler supplemented with solar panels, integrated home control system.

10 thoughts on “EcoFabulous Construction – Green Sustainable Eco-Friendly Modular Home in Canada”

  1. Using gas is NOT eco friendly! Using solar, wind and propane that burns clean, is. Just to clarify with my 2 cents.

  2. The design of an eco shouse is more than C02, there are many forms of environmental degredation. Excess C02, Wood products, Chemical products, Excess waste like sewage, and electricity, and the construction and skeleton of this house is like any other.

  3. Thats why the music sounds so familiar. Seems Ur one of those spent hours and hours playing the sims huh? here too!

  4. OMG! isn’t that “The Sims” (PC videogame) (best of all times) construction mode music??? XD OMG!!!!

  5. dude , “eco” house can be luxurious .
    It is up to the consumers to find a way to reduce the us of water.
    behind the idea Eco houses is reduce CO2.

  6. In the end of the day most don’t build or buy “eco” because it’s environmentally friendly, they do it because it’s light on the wallet. i.e. I like taking bath’s but I don’t like spending fortunes on keeping my living room heated.
    For a product designed to sell to “average joe’s” I think the company would be right to take this approach. I mean, who REALLY want’s a compost toilet for example?
    I wish they showed a floorplan, imho that’s the biggest part of a tour like this, pitty.

  7. Why would you put a water guzzling bathtub inside an ‘eco’ house? Surely a shower would suffice – and take up less room.

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