How to Install Solar Panels : How to Connect an Inverter for a Solar Energy System

Fourteen volts is a good number for a fully charged battery that is ready to be connected to an inverter. Learn how to connect an inverter for a solar power system from a professional in this free energy conservation video. Expert: Roger Bacon Bio: Roger Bacon is the owner of RGB Home Repair and Renovation in Santa Barbara California. He has experience in all phases of home repair and renovations such as plumbing, heating and solar power. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

8 thoughts on “How to Install Solar Panels : How to Connect an Inverter for a Solar Energy System”

  1. 6 awg wire is good for about 50 amps of DC and the fuse is set for this load … larger wire is better as really huge amounts can be drawn during big AC power use.. (pricey) 250 amp wire and fuse is not uncommon on pro setups.. AC output wire can be much smaller wiring with fat cable is the way to go..
    . this xantrex is $900 new $ 300 used.. ebay! boat stores or AEE solar on the internets
    :DO IT its fun and easy. knowledge lasts a lifetime BUT..its not safe LOL

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  3. What quick disconnects are you using in this video?

    they look pretty hefty is that 6 gauge wire?

    id be interested in using something similar


  4. hello , how i can found the inverter? do i have to go to radio schack or some elecric store? thank you

  5. That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

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