Enertia’s Green Homes

Enertia Building Systems is honored to be selected the Grand Prize winner in the History Channel Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge. Shared by www.technoverde.com

4 thoughts on “Enertia’s Green Homes”

  1. what do you think about AAC or autoclaved aerated concrete. I have been researching energy efficiency for years and AAC seems very impressive. several web sites are Mhe international, Aercon, Hebel xella or Ytung in the EU.

  2. My family’s plan is to sell the one we’re in, live like hippies in a RV while we build our own. Building codes are typically more flexible on county properties often allowing for cordwood homes, haybail homes, etc. The money you’d normally be putting into rent/utilities can go toward building your home. Would your family put up with that plan? This is the only way we can do it.

  3. These houses are cool. I wish I could afford to build one along with solar panels on the roof & a big ole pole barn… With solar panels on the barn too.

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