Fashion Trends 2008 – Green Bamboo Clothing

The green movement is getting hotter and hotter in every aspect of culture, and the fashion world is no exception. First, Organic cotton began to take off, and now clothes made from bamboo have become the latest trend. Bamboo is 100 percent biodegradable and does not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides when it is grown, unlike regular cotton. Bamboo is also produced at a faster rate than Cotton and does not have to be replanted from season to season. This ultra sustainable crop can grow up to a foot a day and it contains a natural microbial agent that keeps bacteria from growing on it… and keeps odors out of clothes made from it. But if the clothing made from Bamboo wasn’t nice, what would be the point, right? But Bamboo clothing is actually softer and more comfortable than cotton, and clothing made from the material feels more like silk than like cotton clothing. Many companies have begun using Bamboo to create their clothing lines, including Bamboo U, a company that designs trendy shirts for women in college. And the shirts they create use water based ink, to make them even more environmentally friendly. Most of their shirts retail for a reasonable 30 dollars, and their trendy look and comfortable feel prove that you can save the environment and look fabulous while you go green. I’m HOST for TrendySwag.Com. Keep checking back for more style tips and fashion trends of 2008!

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  1. try thriftstores, salvation army, goodwill, savers. save some money as well. it just takes more work to find the good stuff.

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