Fed Tv: Home Sustainability Assessors – Green Advice to Your Door 090721

Welcome back superstars! We hope that you are all well & smiling. The Project Bluestar team have been on a multitude of tasks in their quest to advance sustainable living, July was celebrated & education month with Earth Sanctuary hosting it’s very own Cert 4 Training & Assessment classes as well as Australia’s newest green living initiative called Home Sustainability Assessment courses. What on Earth’s this you ask, well, it’s about getting trained sustainability assessors into homes to inform & motivate house owners to take positive action on reducing their CO2 footprint. The great thing is that the Australian government is now assisting people by paying the interest on 000 dollar loans which technically (to the the house holder) makes it an interest free loan. The idea is to make sustainability & subsequent CO2 reduction more achievable. We certainly hope it help but as we all know there are serious challenges confronting the world which will take a hell of a lot more than an interest free loan to reduce human impact & contribution to the extreme weather phenomenon sweeping the Earth. Real change must come from everyone, individuals, family, businesses, Industry & government, everyone. Will we have to wait for extreme weather & the associated disruption to farming & liveelihoods before real action occurs? That may be the case, but plenty of champions around this planet are working overtime to avert such grave consequences. Our aim is motivate & inform people to take

5 thoughts on “Fed Tv: Home Sustainability Assessors – Green Advice to Your Door 090721”

  1. It would be good too if we could have a natural gas or something. It would help things with the economy like it is now.

  2. Excellent job on this one guys! Teaching the masses. Missing your music, any new stuff on the horizon?
    Working on coral reef cleanups here in FL. Also we have a new artificial reef system going in off the coast that is gonna help with some of the recent dieoff of many long time reefs locally.

  3. hey GF! I admire your proactive stance in revolutionizing the world and in bringing health to Earth. Im just curious, do you guys have day jobs? because I would just love to do what you guys do and not worry about money…that is my biggest concern and point of indecision.

  4. Hey guys. It looks from the videos that you get a lot of sun during the day. You could run copper water piping under a dense layer of black rock in a serpentine pattern to augment whatever hot water sources you have. My bro made a solar water heater out of copper pipe, a box with black spray paint, some lava rocks, a glass lid and a couple of valves. On a sunny day it turned cold water into water that was almost boiling in a matter of minutes. The box was about 2m X 2m with thin copper tube.

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