I have dark brown furniture in my living room. Would light green walls (think sage) & dark brown carpet go?

I have a chocolate colored leather sofa and a dark cherry dining table. I would like to add some color by painting the white walls in my living room to a light sage green color. My only concern is what color carpet to select. Since I already have a brown furniture, would brown carpet be too dark? I have a toddler, so light colors like cream or beige aren’t an option. And I would prefer carpet over a wood floor for his sake. Thanks for any suggestions!

7 thoughts on “I have dark brown furniture in my living room. Would light green walls (think sage) & dark brown carpet go?”

  1. Sounds kinda dull to me – too dark overall. I’d go for darker green – more avocado – at least on ONE wall, and maybe add some terra-cotta-colored throw pillows and other bright accents. You might also consider a terra-cotta of some strength for the carpet. In short, get the orange in there with all the green and brown. I’d stick with natural-material accents and earth tones; you could also put some small bits of blue in there (turquoise, maybe) to brighten things up.

  2. well…i think u should get the same color carpet and as the walls…like a large throw rug…that would work…!

  3. Yes…a light sage would be great! I understand not wanting light carpet, but they have some now that has specks in it to blend any stains…also stain protecters. If you decide on the brown, go as light as you can go to overset the dark furniture. You could also break it up with a lighter rug uinder the table.


    i think the green walls would o great.but i think you should do a light yellow carpet instead of a dark brown.i think it would look really good!it would be too much dark brown in my opinion.plus,it would look weird if it was a different shade of brown than the furniture.

  5. I think that would actually look really good. [:
    I know it may sound weird to have a sage color in a kitchen
    but that is what we have, and then dark brown furniture and cabinets.
    Looks pretty well together.

  6. Green walls would be good, but still, with the toddler you’ll have to watch him. I do think that brown carpet would be too dark. Maybe a happy medium between tan and dark brown?

  7. i beleive dark brown carpet will make the room much too dark. instead get a tweed type …mid tones with flecks of brown.
    i like the green walls but have yellow in the green, not too much gray or blue.a spring green or apple green would be very current.

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