For those For those who are into Green Living, what do you think of Mary Kay products?

They say that they have a new slogan, "Pink is the new green" or something like that . . but does anyone have any information on how green they really are?

6 thoughts on “For those For those who are into Green Living, what do you think of Mary Kay products?”

  1. The only thing I want to add is that Mary Kay has been environmentally friendly for years our compacts that we recently replaced with the new even more environmentally friendly compacts were always refillable.

  2. Outside of the information above, for every compact turned in (the gray and pink ones), Mary Kay will plant a tree.

  3. I am a diehard Mary Kay fan. Here is some information you asked about:

    • With the launch of the new Mary Kay® Compact, Mary Kay Inc. has created a compact recycling program for its independent sales force and their customers to dispose of previously used and unwanted compacts in an environmentally responsible way.
    • Mary Kay distribution centers in the U.S. do not use styrofoam packaging material when shipping orders. All Mary Kay orders will soon be shipped using packing materials made from corn and potato starch, two environmentally friendly, renewable resources.

    • The U.S. manufacturing facility sends all returned products containing alcohol and any alcohol waste products to a resource recovery facility which reclaims and distills the alcohol into fuel-grade ethanol, which is then used as an oxygenate for cleaner-burning gasoline. Since the program began in 2004, Mary Kay Inc. has recycled between 30 and 50 tons of alcohol each year, reducing our hazardous waste disposal by at least 25 percent.

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