Going Green Living Bling Summer Camp

About Us: Going Green, Living Bling: Redefining the Image of Wealth, has become an Organic Curriculum, born from the title of a panel discussion at the first year of the Brown Suga Youth Festival. This idea came from the mind of Ietef Vita as he completed his requirements as a senior at PS1. The festival has reached it’s 9th year in 2012 and the curriculum it’s fourth. Over the past three years, with his partner and wife Neambe LeadonVita, they have taught ages 11 to 24; how to consume consciously, how to grow your own food, how to prepare healthy alternative diet meals, and the unfortunate truths about our food industry that make these tools necessary. This curriculum is also infused with art, music, yoga, holistic health, herbal remedies, live juicing, cooking and gardening. Ietef and Neambe are Parents, Eco-Cultivators, Organic Farmers, and Youth and Community Advocates. Mission: To expand this work with a focus on Food, Water, Environmental and Health Awareness and Security. To decrease the generational and cultural gaps that exist in our communities and to engage our youth so that they are educated, appreciated and feel empowered to do something about the issues we are facing. To use art as the platform for some of our activities to provide for the loss of it in some of our schools. To provide youth with skills they can utilize in their future and to improve upon self and community awareness, increase self esteem, shift the definition of wealth and empower them to

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