Solar Power System DIY (run almost anything for free) PV solar panel kit

small powerful cheap solar panel system. watch it run power drills, string/hedge trimmers, blenders, can openers, soldering irons, heating pad, crock pot, computer, lights, fans the list is endless – all from one 3 panel set! easy to setup and use. cost 9.00. diehard battery was about 0.00. For extra PICS and INFO. click on (picassa photo gallery) “Website link” on my YouTube channel page

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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for making this easy to understand. How do you link the batteries together? If you have more than 1 battery, which one do you connect the inverter to? I have a tiny trailer with a small tv, a few lights, small frig, and small elect heater. what do you think I’d need? thanks again for your help.

  2. $150 for the 3 panel set with charge controller. battery was about $100 (they can be bought cheaper) and inverter cost about $20.00

  3. Lots of good questions. yes, the panels are 100% waterproof and weatherproof. they are meant to be mounted outside (permanently if you like). the battery is used to store the power that the panels generate. they are charged over and over again. briefly, all you need to do is hook the solar panels to the “charge controller” and then hook the “charge controller” to the battery. then hook an “inverter” to the battery. the inverter has an AC outlet on it. finally, just plug in what you want to run.

  4. are these solar panels waterproof, weather proof, can you leave it out in the elements like rain etc? im new to the whole solar panel thing. I see many people use batterys as well, is this to always have continous strong power, and the solar panel just keeps charging the battery over and over? since different tools and items use different amperages, how would i provide my tool the correct amperage and voltage. do these kits let you provide the max amperage

  5. Ya I know. There’s just no easy answer to any of this is there? Sure , you could run it off of the sun during the day, but at night the only alternative is batteries. I thought about making a solar powered absorption chiller. Run it off solar during the day, then run it off of propane at night. But the costs are going to be near the same seems like. Can’t seem to find the way to go.

  6. Probably about 4 200 Watt high end poly/mono crystalline panels hooked to 20 batteries. that would run it in the day. Double that if you want to run it at night. AC takes an insane amount of power.

  7. You know what I want to know? What all does a person need to run a small window a/c all night and all day. THATS what I want to know.

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