Good Energy – Solar Power at Home

In the Herefordshire countryside a couple use solar panels at home to heat water and generate electricity and help them to lead the good life.

25 thoughts on “Good Energy – Solar Power at Home”

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  3. Solar cells shoved on “X-ray solar cell – baterie sĹ‚oneczne” can have any shape because of method of production. Until now it works with x-rays but we are working for extending electromagnetic wavelength. Production of them is extremely cheap.

  4. solarcellsforsale

    I like the cow !! she is so good loking…very good movie .solar energy is the best energy source we can have !

  5. captinseperoth


    the funny thing is that, WITH TAXPAYERS FUNDS,its still not remotely economically feasible,and worth for the average consumer to buy….

    World has moved on with atomic energy’s yet the USA is in limbo…why? Why haven’t their been any new Atomic power-plants built in many decades in the USA?

    3miles wasn’t a danger to the public,due to the containment dome which Chernobyl did not have, which allowed the spread of radiation with out an dome.
    The cause was Soviets

  6. captinseperoth

    solar power is UNeconomical,and it has not been since it was first devised!

    hell even with federal help today,it’s not!

    it takes many decades for the amount of energy generated by EXPENSIVE solar panel,for the intital investment to be payed back to the original owner,if the owner moves out of the house it’s a huge lost of investment.

    news flash!

    the world has moved on with atomic energy,yet USA has not..which is fucking sad for my country who invented the first atomic reactor!

  7. Great video…I converted my home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no oil or gas…I made a video about it called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”….

  8. bettertulip1972

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  9. They’re still on the grid, their system doesn’t provide enough electricity in winter months.
    A wind generator would help.
    That old house is probably not very well insulated.
    Beautiful place, looks like they need to mow the yard.

  10. HomeWindTurbines7

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  11. The solar panel technology has to significantly improve, Weight, Lifespan, Efficiency and cost has to be reduced before there will be a useful migration to solar power.

  12. They like being independent but tax payers had to pay half of their cost. I wonder how much fossils it takes to make a solar panel.

  13. Great example of people living a really good life, while being environmentally friendly as well. In areas with cold winters 3000 kWh is probably difficult to achieve for most homes, but you can indeed have considerable saving anyway – for example by installing solar thermal heating for your hot water during the summer.

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