Solar energy?

i’ve been looking for an answer to this question "Does solar energy stay the same every day? (amount) " and i can’t seem to find anywhere where it tells me if it does or not and what can change the amount that the Earth recieves? if anyone knows PLEASE state where you got your information from.. thank you 🙂

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  1. The amount varies each day, and the monthly and yearly averages change also. Many factors affect the available solar energy (and thus solar energy system output), just like weather patterns.

    Each region has its own solar energy average output, the link below talks about North Carolina and how they modeled what they thought they would get, and then what they actually got. Arizona and California have higher availability than Washington, for instance.

  2. All forms of solar energy have ways to store extra energy, this regulates the energy being used so there is a constant flow. When production of energy is slow for whatever reason energy is then drawn from storage when its up energy is stored.

  3. Solar energy is that kind of energy that we receive from sun in general. Solar energy include many kinds of energy such as u.v. rays seven rays, infra rays, micro energy and so on.
    But we basically consider heat as solar energy. So our earth is elliptical and its surface area is small as compare to sun so earth receive less energy. In addition to it, if we utilize all the solar energy then it can work for too many days but due to its structure and its action to revolve in its own axis and to sun it is abstracting to collect all the solar energy. Even our earth has thick atmosphere so many things that hinder us.

  4. The sun goes through a cycle of increased and decreased solar output. Here’s a link to an article about it.

  5. Off the top of my head: no, obviously cloud cover changes the amount of solar energy received. Also, the angle of the ray of the sun makes a difference, winter time would see smaller yields of energy.

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