Green Eco Environmentally Friendly & Organic Products for Home, Garden & Office – Ken Spector gives a quick overview of a few of the many environmentally friendly and organic products for home, garden or office use that can be found at http He shows us bowls made from LP records, plates made from palm leaves, packaging embedded with wild seeds…

6 thoughts on “Green Eco Environmentally Friendly & Organic Products for Home, Garden & Office”

  1. Very cool! I used to make those lp bowls when I was in high school. Great stuff. I wish more companies would make creative and ecological packaging solutions.

  2. Thanks, Larry!
    1. Leafware provided us with the palm leaf plates
    2. Organic Essence provided us with the shea butters and lip balms in home compostable packaging.
    3. Native Gardens Inc provided us with the organic vegan chocolates in the boxes infused with wildflower seeds.
    4. Tin Can Sally provided us with the light switch cover made of a baking pan.
    5. Dip It Designs provided us with the vinyl record bowls
    6. Natural High Lifestyle provided us with the Lap Table

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