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Green Horizon displays its on-demand, self-sustaining housing solutions at West Coast Green 2009. Based in San Francisco, California, Green Horizon Manufacturing LLC is the emerging leader in on-demand, self-sustaining, housing solutions. A superior alternative to container homes and existing temporary buildings and emergency housing, Green Horizon structures are built green of recycled and recyclable materials with the lowest Formaldehyde and VOC emissions of any product of its type. Fully-transportable anywhere in the world by land or sea, Green Horizon structures collapse to fit in a standard, 40′ high-cube marine shipping container, and include a built-in trailering system for transportation by heavy-duty pickup truck. Completely self-sustaining, Green Horizon structures are ideal for temporary housing and mobile office applications, with an integrated power system of a biodiesel generator, rechargeable batteries, and solar panels. Each Green Horizon structure also includes fresh water holding tanks, grey water holding and processing capabilities, and black water holding tanks. You can literally put it in the middle of nowhere with no external infrastructure or grid connections, and provide a safe, comfortable living environment for temporary workers, humanitarian relief or as a mobile office. Green Horizon structures also make a great second home or hunting cabin. For more information on Green Horizon, visit

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