What Do You Think About Green Living.?

I am currently wondering of what others think about green living. I want to know what others believe about this current issue. Its my curiousity on what others think about it cuz where ever i look there is always things about living green recyling and ect.

6 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Green Living.?”

  1. I think that it is better for the environment because you recycle reuse reduce i think its very wonderful

  2. I think it’s important for everyone to think about their way of life and consider the impact it has on the natural world.

  3. Green living is a fantastic idea for anybody today. Personally I don’t even think it should be a complicated thing for somebody renting or a homeowner, in both scenarios, there are things people can do to save energy and live greener. I have made a number of changes in my life that have resulted in 50% savings on my energy bill including building my own wind generator.

    For some more simple solutions try some of these tips:
    -Change to CFLs over Incandescent
    -Use your dishwasher and washing machine ONLY when they are full
    -Try drying your clothes on air dry or hanging them to dry

    Furthermore, on the topic of green living I believe it is no longer fair, right, or morally acceptable to turn your back to green living. It is important that we ALL play a role in reducing our carbon footprint and the perks? Well you save money when you are saving energy!

    There is a lot more you can read on this subject at http://www.federalenergyincentives.org

    Good Luck Goin Green!! 🙂

  4. I think it is necessary to live green but not everyone does yet. I think in time, we will all learn the value of it. I wish it wasn’t always the hard thing to do and I think the key to making the green choice the normal choice…is to make it easy.

    For instance, compact fluorescent light bulbs and organic vegetables are usually more expensive than the other. Most people have to sort their recycling. I know the reasons for this…but if it easier and more affordable to choose green, per choice…then more would do it.

    See…a lot of going green is a big picture thing. A small step doesn’t always fit in your bigger life. It’s getting better and most of us simply pick and choose our battles and stick with that, as they fit our lifestyles. But if you make all the adjustments to make that step easy, then your whole life has changed. I think there are some who have made big life changes to be eco friendly, but they are on the fringe. The most effective and important changes are small, and natural, and fit into our bigger lives.

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