GREEN HOUSE Amsterdam at THC EXPOSE Los Angeles California 2010 with Franco & Arjan

The Green House Clothing line and Strain Hunters visit Los Angeles California for the THC Expose 2010. Check out our mini cam. impressions of the event.

25 thoughts on “GREEN HOUSE Amsterdam at THC EXPOSE Los Angeles California 2010 with Franco & Arjan”

  1. Green house amazing. Wondering around Amsterdam i found them, right next to our hotel, what a fluke. what a blast, the pure haze prerolled joint i got right off the bat was the strongest weed i have ever tried, and i have been a regular smoker in vancouver 18 years

  2. found a glitch watching this video- put your cursor over the like and then over dislike and do it over and over and the video will lagg out like crazy. BTW, Super Lemon Haze- the best shit I ever smoked.

  3. You should put a Henry Hemp tag in this video..I got some dance moves huh, dont let my girlfriend see this video…lol…she was there but not during that dance…lol…I LOVE YOU HONEY! January thomas the Soon to be Mrs Hemp!

  4. @bocPD ci sono gia statooo…ma io lo voglio a casa mia porca miseria!!!ciaoooooo

  5. @scataddrizzu hahahhaha grande …ti do un consiglio vai tu trovare lui in holland che ti diverti di piu’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. francoooo….ti stimo fratello sei un mito x me!!! darei di tutto per conoscerti di presenza!!!io sto giu in sicilia dalle parti di agrigento vieni a trovarmi ti ospito in villa anke x 1 annoooo….sei un grandeeeeeeeeeeee

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