Why is green living such a trend these days?


8 thoughts on “Why is green living such a trend these days?”

  1. because if we continue the way we are now, we will eventually destroy any resources we need and will be forced to attempt to live on a planet of starvation, global warming, etc.

  2. Hi Missy-A,
    "Going Green" is an attempt to save the planet we live on. But, it’s too little, and TOO LATE to do
    any recognizable good—the deadly damage has already been done. Yes, it’s a polite gesture, and a
    nice thought, but how do you quickly put a band-aid on a popping balloon?? No Way !! All we can do by "living green", is to slow down the inevitable, gloomy end. (…prolong our suffering…)

  3. well basically it has turned into an advertisement campaign that going green is the smart thing to do, so you come off as being smart if you are "green", which in essence it’s true ’cause u r saving the planet but sometimes advertisers take advantage of it and overprice ‘green’ things.

  4. in my opinion Missy green living is such a trend these days because we need to take care of the earth because with all the pollution we are destroying the ozone layer and thus causing global warming. if we don’t take care of the earth sooner or later the earth will be destroyed. the good think is if we Go Green we can help prevent it or at the least slow it down!

  5. Too Hot to Handle

    Because it’s pushed by the media, who are working for the politicians and the "green" corporations to make people feel guilty and willing to reduce their lifestyles to supposedly "save the planet."

    The environmental movement was taken over decades ago. Their agenda has nothing to do with helping the planet or the environment at all, but since they own the media, they have all sorts of methods of making you feel guilty about living a prosperous lifestyle. You can choose to comply, or become educated and resist the movement.

    The agenda is to cripple the economy, and it’s working as long as we let it.

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