Green Houses (Ecological Building Designs) p1

Green Houses p1 “Ecological Building Designs” This is a non-profit survey of Green Houses, or Homes Designed Green or Built of Ecologically-Sustainable Materials. There are many forms of Alternative / Green or Sustainable or Environmental or Eco-Friendly architecture. Forms include: Earthships, Earth-Shelter, Passive/Active Solar, Recycled-Reused, Bio-Degradable Temp, or Perma-Sustainable etc… x

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  1. I will do individual videos on each of my designs as time allows. I have fought for years to get more of these built, and I have stories you wouldnt believe. But its people like you that have built these throughout the years despite all the McDevels (contracted corporate developments).

  2. Very cool stuff, i love thinking out side of the box. We need to start buiding on it. peace

  3. Thanks for the tip on that boook. Mother Earth is one of the best sources. Many of the drawings & designs in the vid are my own, photos I took, or studies I did. -Drogo

  4. try to find a book by ken kern on building house’s. he wrote for mother earth 60s till the 80s it was the best book on building i ever found. some of the pic i seen in this may have come from his work. grass roof, and many good idea’s are in that book.

  5. And i read somewhere that Daniel Ash and Himmler worked on that cover of “Telegram Sam” before they replaced the Reich Marshall with Peter Murphy…
    The lesson:
    Never let a watercolorist do your wireframe specs.

    and now i’ve gone too far.

  6. That’s right! LOL Good job, keep those supports thick I say, and may your beard grow ever longer. Yes, when trees are involved, the building becomes much more organic to say the least! lololol

  7. Yeah, its hard to blame Wright for Bauhaus, or Bauhaus for Hitler for that matter…lol Although Spier and Adolf Loos drafted some Nazi lines! LOL

  8. I loved “Bag End” as it appeared in Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies.
    I’ve calculated roof loads for the sod roof on my ‘barn’, the minimum timbers worked out to be 12×15″ white oak for the inner common rafters and 9×15″ or 10×12″ at the gables. You must need a fairly significant berm to have a tree on the roof

  9. Example: Heavy Timber, Masonry, & Steel Combo with outer composite panels, and waterproofing layers…

  10. Drogoempedocles

    Actually many Earth Shelters use Heavy Timber for structural support, while using other materials to seal the outside. The feeling created is that of a hobbit house. Heavy timber or Masonry is needed for extra loads of earth, trees, etc on the roof.

  11. Drogoempedocles

    Towers of Fallingwater would be like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, awesome idea. FLW probably came closest with his “Broadacre City” tower designs. Modern architectural firms have since done some fantastic built green-skyscrapers (mostly in other countries).

  12. It is Fallingwater, huh? i was trying to turn it into “Fallingwater Towers” in my head~ a mythical condo / project version.

    nice diginz, thnx!

  13. Cool… I love the earth-ship/shelters, but around here timber makes the most sense as it’s the predominant local material.

    My doctor’s building a timber structure with a living (sod) roof, not sure how it’s sitting on the land… I hope to do a timber, earth and hay-bale animal barn that will be fully visible and yet invisible from the road.

  14. I wish I had the space for one! I think I will start looking around for the space! Very cool green houses! I want one or two of them…:-)

  15. Yes, the money to buy the property will cost you more than the Earth Ship if you do it right. That FLW pic you noticed is Falling Water, I won a scholarship and studied there for 2 weeks. -Drogo

  16. i would love to have the resources to build an Earth-ship.

    that house @ 1:42 looks like an FL Wright design.

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