SOLAR PANEL DIY MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANEL BUILD SOLAR PANELS This is the basics of tabbing cells together. Tabbing solar cells with tab wire and a flux pen. Evergreen Solar Cells Sun Electronics residential solar panels SOLAR TRAINING SOLAR TEACHING


  1. I have to comment on the ending. It made my evening a lil more enjoyable. Thank you for getting burned ­čÖé

  2. Dan & Denisse or someone else could you please tell me where I can buy single cells? I want to make the array myself?

    Thank you by the way I am close to Cleveland, Ohio USA.

  3. @moecat1000 I understood most of what he said, except the technical word I have never heard before: sudder or suddar, and later suddring ion. Perhaps it is an old Martian word, or maybe ancient Egyptian? Was it the sudder that burnt him?

  4. cannabisverbot:

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    -durch ein verbot wird das organisierte verbrechen gest├Ąrkt.

    -auf dem schwarzmarkt gibt es auch andere drogen.

    -auf dem schwarzmarkt wird viel gestreckt.was aus einer relative harmlosen pflanzlichen droge..eine chemiebombe werden l├Ąsst

    -einem dealer ist´╗┐ es egal wie alt der k├Ąufer ist!

    wenn´╗┐ du f├╝r eine sinnvolle cannabispolitik bist,dann unterst├╝tze die petition!

  5. Please spell soLder soLdering for me please……… now say it slowly.

    it has an L in it so it is SOLDERING not soddering

    but thanks for the video anyway

  6. Soddering….? …Tabbing….? with ..sodder..? Come on, its soldering and linking or connecting up. And I second the comment about heating the joint NOT the solder. “Tin” the sodding iron tip with a small ammount of solder. then put the tip of the sodding..sorry soldering..iron in contact with what you want to sodder…shit..solder and count 1, 2 seconds, then feed some sodder into the parts and count to three. remove and blow the flux fumes away. Sod it.

  7. it would greatly help you if you get the right size iron and tip…you know the right tool for the job hehehe

  8. love this– i want to learn this technology- i was thinking about setting up a house with solar panels- but the best prices i came up with was panels for a kilowatt- for about 1000 american- i fiqured it would cost about 20,000 for the power consumption for a house– but – i am patient- lots of free time and all i do is spend my time in the shop all ready soldering stained glass to gether-

    email me and lets talk about me making my own panels- i can fabericate the alum frames and the soldering

  9. Nice job Dan and Denise it’s nice to see people with fun personalities. I think if any other people would have put me to sleep trying to explain this kind of task. Hope those blisters feel better, lol, thanks for the video and the education. Stan (Asheville, NC) PS: Ease up on the coffee!!! LOL!!!

  10. can you connect these to your house electric system (U.S. or Europe) or must you use them independently

  11. BelMarConsultingGrp

    @chyrd Thank you for your contribution to Green friendly energy solutions. We really need to support these ideas people to see more options like these in the Market place. Ever heard of a Solar panel causing fishkill, or
    birds falling from the sky, me neither.

  12. Gunes Enerji Panelleri nas─▒l yapilir? Turkce Videolu Egitim Seti. Kendi Solar panelini yap Kendi Elektrigini uret.

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