Green Living Made Easy – The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Go Green this week on Six Minute Style as host Susan Doherty walks you through your home, room by room, with simple steps designed to help you save the planet and your cash. Yes, green living is good for your wallet too!

16 thoughts on “Green Living Made Easy – The Eco-Friendly Lifestyle”

  1. I think you’re great, and I think if someone has something negative to say about this video, then why are you watching it? Keep the negativity to yourself..

  2. MarisaHerreraDupuis

    Great eco tips! We can all do simple things to live greener lifestyles, which not only save us money but are also healthier and safer for the planet. Go Green!

  3. so in a year you use 70 bottles that you just throw out? That are 1.5 bottles a week.
    LOL! NOOB!


  4. haha i lke it how shes Isnt botherd about having a 4X4 though. Here in England we have millions of these silly woman buying Massive 4X4’s to get the shopping from sainburys. Unless you own a farm or Horses YOU DONT NEED A 4X4 Lady 😛

  5. gettinghealthygirl

    Dude, seriously… read a book. The real green movement is not about buying 40 dollar organic cotton tshirts, its about reusing, not being materialistic and saving money.

  6. you are acting like a child that says: “you just want to control me! I can eat junk food/smoke cigarettes/use drugs if I want, na na na na nana” Yes, you are free to do what the heck you want, but how immature this is! Regardless of what rich people want or big corporations it is always a good idea to save money (for your own benefit) and being conscious about the environment (again, our own benefit). You don’t have to be an Einstein to know this. alright??

  7. CompletelySora

    I love it! Absolutely lovely job. Although I was a bit surprise that you featured “Tide” in this video, as the makers of Tide laundry detergent are not animal safe; which certainly says something about their ethics. All in all, well done.

  8. Thanks for the comment. The goal wasn’t to keep anyone in his place, but rather to explore money-saving steps that boast green benefits. Most cost nothing: unplug your appliances when not in use; use a rake, not a leaf blower; get a home energy audit; dry your laundry back-to-back. Replacing regular light bulbs with compact fl. bulbs saves money over time.

    As for me being an upper middle class wealthy idiot – While some may agree with the idiot reference, I can assure you I’m not wealthy.

  9. Why are all green eco warriors, preaching on how to live our lives all upper middle class, wealthy idiots?

    People like me do not always have the financial resources to live green and I feel the Green Movement is just another tool used by rich people to keep me in my place, so | can’t enjoy the same things they do regularly 🙁

  10. I used kebob skewers and put it in a toothbrush holder. You save about 20 dollars for the plastic bag dryer.

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