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  1. Awesome!
    You say “shouldn’t we all be more logical with our electrical usage…”
    Na, I can’t … I’m watching this at night!
    Thanks for post’n the music and…
    Yes on Solar!

    Bty, did you know that if the same amount of land used for roads in the USA were covered with panels, and if those panels had just 15 millimeters of LiFePO4 (battery) laminated underneath, The whole world’s electrical could be powered for DAYs on end! (Something like that anyways, I forgot to keep the math notes…)

  2. @BanjoNaps

    E-motion would work for bicycles. This energy could easily power cell phones and we-com virtual wallets.

    E-motion is a choice not a demand. It works for people already exercising people that cant or do not want to exercise do not have to think about e-motion.

    Solar would be good for helping e-motion and large scale industrial applications or people that want to sell into the kWh power grid to export electricity.





  3. SolarHomerSimpson

    Your confusing photvoltair with concentrating solar power in some segments but it is a nice collage of pictures and music.

    Thing to think about….

    1. Global Warming…..if you think its true, then by all mean solar can help slow it down or reverse it. But if the melting glaciers dont convince you of it…or that man kind has any role then use solar power instead of nuclear, use solar power instead of burning all the fosil fuels now, etc.

    Solar Homer Simpson

  4. I’m pretty sure were going to have to rescale everything we do in America down by 70% . Think about 20 million barrels a day. Just think about it. 1 barrel has all the stored energy that went into building the great pyramids. If you think I”M exaggerating just imaging pushing your car on its next trip. 20 million barrels per day. We don’t have a replacement for that. Bicycles and home gardens are the only real options. Nuke power is going to be used for industry 1st. Agriculture 2nd.

  5. Too much stress?

    New material will be needed … new innovation.

    You can power down that is your choice. Some choose to power up that is their choice. A balance of reduction and new energy is needed/wanted.



  6. to much stress on the road ways, asphalt doesn’t even last that long. Not to mention cost. No, the number of automobiles must be reduced. That is the cheapest most effective way of powering down our roadways.

  7. Good video.
    In Spain, is mandatory to install thermal solar power in all the new buildings.
    All my videos are related to solar energy.


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  9. Imagine solar sheets or tiles that automobiles can drive upon. These road ways would create the energy for automobiles. North America and Europe and other advanced nations have miles and miles of road way for such applications.



  10. For cloudy days wind would work. Why not build a kWh grid utilizing solar and wind technology?

    Nice video … well done an “A”



  11. Smashing video! My company (all-you-need-is-solar(dot)com – copy into browser URL) and I are with you all the way – solar IS the future; if not, we may have no future.


  12. Nice Video, Such videos will help people think on this Power Revolution, thi sis our future.

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  15. Haaha! Great choice of song!(the first one. Haha I have to do a project on solar energy for ipc. This helped me greatly.

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  18. Hello ty for dis information but
    if anyone have more to include on this id love to get. Please feel free to message a reply. 🙂

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