Introduction to Living Roofs / Green Roofs – BGTV

In this short video “Building Green” host Kevin Contreras visits the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, and learns about the benefits and basics of construction of living roofs from Steve Windhager, Director of the Center. Visit or call your station for local PBS listings.

25 thoughts on “Introduction to Living Roofs / Green Roofs – BGTV”

  1. This is a lightweight system, which does not require nor allow vast quantities of water to store. The filtration layer allows a certain amount of water to stay on the roof and the rest flows off as on a standard roof. This run off water can be stored into a “grey water system” which stores and treats the water (now here’s the good part). With solar powered units you are able to pump water back up on the roof to irrigate & feed on a timer also solar-powered. PS sedum plants don’t need a lawnmower



    started by one of these so called gardens
    somebody get popular mechanics on the phone.

    the plane also had one of these gardens on the roof of it.

  3. nice idea, but then it rains, the roof can’t support the weight, and it caves in. Why didn’t he ask about that… he had his list of questions in his hand. I did enjoy the theme music in the beginning.

  4. Wait, what? I was agreeing with you on your first comment but saying it helps more if you do it on a regular basis.

  5. you mean the unnatural grass that is mowed using a gas mower and watered from sprinklers with water from an aqueduct someplace far away. instead of native plants that take no watering and prevent heat from escaping from the roof? the answer is yes.

  6. theres a saying we have in my unit, ‘good idea, bad judgement’…instead of finding ways to put more “green” into the human habitat, why dont we try to put “green” into a non”green” place? maybe find a way to make the mojave desert grow plantlife…

  7. It is worse enough to have to mow our lawns in the summer. Now, we have to mow our roof?

  8. in busy, busy areas like Asia we need this, and in downtown where u see no green, we need this… but in suburban area with trees and shrubs… do we really need a garden on the roof?

  9. hi!… i would like to ask if how can ants can be controlled in this kind of roof. global warming heats up the ground.. eventually ants would come out and make a living in green roofs since it is cooler than the earth? thanx

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  11. looks nice but they forgot to mention the huge cost involved in reinforcing an existing roof to hold all that extra weight.

  12. Beautiful idea, but won’t be effective for wildlife or cooling the city on high rises in Miami. But other small buildings can do their part!

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