Solar Energy Basics for Your Home A basic explanation of how your solar panels for your home will work… This video answers the question, “How is solar energy used?” Copyright © 2007 BSW

25 thoughts on “Solar Energy Basics for Your Home”

  1. disregarding the “GREEN ISSUE”, Solar Power works out to be more expensive than standard electricity, the cost outway the savings, as a dual system would be required for an average home, ie, 3 Bedrooms.

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  3. @Mindcrime67 Here is a good point I have often wondered. What is the return on resale? Does a 10K system get you even close to a 10K return at the point of sale? Does any of this really matter to the average home buyer? It’s not like renovating a basement or attic where you can see true value, it more like a metaphorical bitch point.

    Yeah, I did this so you can save that, but what is it worth in the end?

    I seriously wonder!!! So let me know your thoughts.

  4. @rethinksolarpower I would like to see that video, but also with some VERY specific numbers. I currently spend about $50.00 per month on electricity in a single home with just me and my wife + 5 cats. If I have to spend 10K on a solar system to be proper, then where is my balance point? Year around viability is what I’m all about, but I prefer not to think of sunny or windy days, but the rather ever present field of energy which surrounds us 24/7, rain or shin, sleet or snow, wind or no wind!

  5. its amazing how much energy is dished out by the sun! i love teslas technology because his panels took it one step further and harnessed the cosmic rays that are also thrown off by the sun, he said one device he created was capable of 1000 times the power of a crookes tube, thats like 50 volts of energy or more from a small device. do you have solar panels yourself? nice web site too!

  6. morriskentthompson

    I would like to put your vidoe on my site and link to your site.

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  7. @MrAnimeGuru Basically, that means I’d have to spend $100K+ to save $77 per month on my electric bill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving the environment and clean air but how retarded do you have to be to see that this is totally BS. Solar panels have an effective lifespan of about 20 to 25 years, and their value and wattage output decrease steadily over time so I’d probably never break even before the system needed replacing … rotflmao.

  8. I’ve thought about a solar system and after doing the math realized that this is nothing more than a way for rich people to feel good about themselves so they can tell everyone how green they are and how there helping save the Earth.

    Our electric bill for our house runs $300 per month and uses 4200 kWh during the winter months (less in the summer). That’s 140kWh per day … so to power our house with a 50% offset we’d need a 20kW system costing around $132,000 and 32.5 years to break even!

  9. check out my vid on my net-zero solar home…It’s called “Preparing for peak oil”…

  10. learnt a thing or two, Just google Heavy Dollars – really imformative,, the online store is fantastic and practically runs itself

  11. Hello, I like the clip “Solar Energy Basics for Your Home” that you posted here. Recently I posted a video of my home wind/solar hybrid project, go have a look if you are interested in home energy. Lots of video of my install of rooftop wind turbines and solar panels at my house. Favorite my videos or Subscribe if you like. Thanks

  12. pacificcresttrans

    Very informative video! Solar energy must be tapped into for the generation of electricity. It helps bring down utility bills and also lets individuals lead a greener lifestyle. Though the United States is not the leading producer of solar energy in the world, places like California are switching to solar power to meet their energy requirements. Transformer company, Pacific Crest Transformers has whitepapers on the renewable energy market in the United States.

  13. HappyHappyHarold

    Either way I’m a huge supporter of Solar Power and I really hope it takes off eventually. There are some major studies going on at the University here some with some decent results.

  14. HappyHappyHarold

    No, but it is reduced pretty heavily. I came from Alaska, and a few people there experimented with them there, being there are parts of the year where it is constant day light. However when the sun was always up it was generally warm and no need to use the power for heat which was its primary use. In the winter when it was always dark…well you can see the problem which is what I was talking about earlier. And even in the summer the cloud cover produced some poor results.

  15. rethinksolarpower

    Well, it’s also important to realize that just because it’s cloudy, doesn’t mean that the panels aren’t still getting radiation. I will make a video soon about the year round viability of solar in geographic areas.

  16. rethinksolarpower

    Perfect! You will save tons of money and your home will increase in price. Please, keep in touch with me about your progress.

  17. rethinksolarpower

    That’s awesome! Can you send me some pictures or video and I’ll feature your system? Looking to start doing more shows on solar power very soon!

  18. Sounds good! I want to join the club too. Would you mind sharing your experience step by step? Or any recommendations on where i can find such info. Where to buy? How to make? Should i wait till it’ll get cheaper?

  19. I’m planning on going solar in the spring. I live in Colorado and we have tons of sun shine all year. In this environment solar makes a lot of sense. After utility rebates, tax credits, I can get 99% of my usage through a 5.8kwh system for under $10,000. Is that a lot of money, yes it is but I can cut on average $1200 a year. After that I have a system that will return 1200 in todays dollars for years to come. I also believe it will add value to my home or at least make it more marketable.

  20. You are right to an extent, with its current technology solar power in a lot of places is simply stupid. Unless you figure out how to eliminate clouds. some places, for instance here in Las Vegas, you could actually do very well with it.

  21. rethinksolarpower

    This is a valid concern that many people have. That is why net metering is important to those that choose to go that route. That way you can get energy from the grid when your panels can’t make it. Also, there are ways to make a battery station that is affordable. It is all about being resourceful and thinking of solutions instead of problems. Thanks for the comment!

  22. what about this working on a rainy day.. or an overcast condition… no electricity so how can this be viable option…also to store the electricity u will need battery in case u have cloudy days so the battery is going to be expensive..I don’t see this working out.

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