Julia Stiles Cares About The Environment More Than You

A clip from the TV Series “The Green Mind.” Actress Julia Stiles has designed the first all-green and eco-friendly clothing line. Here she shows off some of her collection.

25 thoughts on “Julia Stiles Cares About The Environment More Than You”

  1. Boycott The Discovery Networks through me for hiring Sarah Palin.

    She believes the earth is only 6,000 years old.

    She’s not qualified or coherent enough to work for a network that supposedly supports animal, human, and environmental rights.

  2. Love the comedy here, and enjoy your movies.
    ~~ Happy (upcoming) Birthday !!! ~~~
    I have searched all over and couldn’t find another place to send you that message LOL. So even if you never see this I put it out there.
    You came up in a quiz about “who is your celebrity twin?”
    I was born March 27, in the Chinese year of the Rooster, and 1981 was also year of the Rooster.

  3. how can you not love this woman? great sense of humor, and this is really fun. julia stiles styles rocks so bad, was laughing so hard!
    shes really funny and a really good actress. gotta love her. also, really intelligent – which is pretty rare.

  4. I hated her, at first, but then I saw her in the Bourne Trilogy and thought her acting was top-notch stuff, so now I respect her.

    This video was not what I was expecting. I didn’t know she did comedy. I was hoping that she actually DID create an eco-friendly line of clothing.

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