GRID TIE INVERTER SOLAR POWER EASY SOLAR SOLUTION POWER INVERTERS This is a grid tie inverter that is 200 watts. It actually reads a bit higher for various reasons. This was to see how well it worked. POWER INVERTERS.


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  2. MagalhaesOtacilio

    Hi Dan, Your videos are allways a plus in our life. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your great ideas.


    2 panels in series at 24 volt load will work for a GTI rated for the 24 watt range. Open voltage of 2 panels would be around 41-42 volts so your inverter needs to be 20-55 volt range. Most are. Check the range of the inverter.

  4. when using a 24volt tie tieinverter ,is there any problems when using 2 off12 volt panels series together for 24volt,and fed directly to the inverter


    You hook panels directly with GTI’s no battery or charge controller. You hook regular inverters to a battery with a charge controller between the panel and battery. GTI’s go direct or they will drain a battery at full load.

  6. Great video, very useful information and exactly answered one of my questions. You mentioned that you shouldn’t connect the solar panels directly to the GTI because it put to much of a load on it, assuming you have a diode in place to prevent back flowing of the electricity why would it be bad for the solar panels to be directly connected to the GTI?

  7. Is there something that will switch over to the the grid automatically when the battery bank at night gets down to like 40% or lower?

  8. Hey if i wanna make a solar system that will charge up a battery bank then after the battery if full it will auto switch to grid tie how would i make that happen?

  9. Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Xobotano Home Energy (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered this alternative home energy known as Xobotano Home Energy? I’ve heard many awesome things about it.

  10. Dan good vid!!! you may want to use a power strip and plug multiple inverters into the strip, and then into the wall. Just a thought. i love your videos!! Very informative.

  11. Are there inverters (regular) with UPS capabilities that allow you to use battery power as your main and utility as backup?

  12. G’day Dan.
    Another fantastic video. I just wanted to ask about the limitations of size of the panels that can be used for this install?
    I intend to use 2 x 230wat solar panels in parallel into a 600wat inverter.
    Will this work ok on Australian 240v mains?? What are the limitations of what the plug can handle? This would be great info to have.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Dan, I am really interested in this technology. I haven’t done anything yet but the question I have is can you run this off a battery bank charged from a solar panel. Everyone says NO but I don’t understand…. You seem like someone who can cut through the technical jargon and make sense…..

  14. Its still surprises me, how lots of people do not know about Xobotano Home Energy (search on google), even though a lot of people save large sums of money because of this alternative energy. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Xobotano Home Energy, I’ve cut my power bill by 75% in less than 30 days

  15. Agreed, the big question is how much power did he use from the time he shot the meter to the time he got power turned off.
    Thus – in order to get it to run backwards 1 kw he would have had to leave it on much longer than the 40 min he said in the video… my guess is the meter would have ran backwards as it already indicated the direction of current was going in the other direction (Back to the Grid)

  16. What the “Man” doesnt know wont hurt you…. Dont tell the “Man” that your hooking up a DIY system, and the “Man” wont worry about the Building Codes. The only time you have to really worry about building codes is when you go to sell your house… just take the system with you.

  17. i cant believe this actually works!! if so, i dont need contractors to pay 20,000$ and utility companyanother 10,000 to pay for green power

  18. Dan you’re awesome!!! i have watched all your videos. i’m only 13 and i’ve build my own solar panel thanks to u :). i’m sort on cash so instead of a grid tie inverter i swiched the power off at the breaker created a double male plug and i’m using my normal inverter!!!

  19. Dan,
    Do you have numbers on how much money something like this would save on your power bill?

  20. IronicVSCoincidence

    Uhm you are, lol because you did agree with ilovejesus4evr that he needed 5 hours, once again my point was he didn’t needed 5 hours. And btw did u not read? “42717.5 KWH(only Dan will know that), ” yeah it was an example and only Dan will know how much he aprox used during that time.

  21. You know it was not my intent to discredit Dan in any way. Maybe a wrong choice of words considering the flak I have received from a few poster’s. I kinda hoped maybe someone would repeat the test and give us some actual results. I do not have that equipment and even if I did my power company would shut me down for using it. Maybe I should have typed “hypothetically speaking”, I believe I am correct or something to that effect. Regardless, the important thing is that the equipment performed well

  22. Who stupid in here you or me? I guess is you. If the meter close to 42717.5 KWH and needs to jump down to 42716.999 KWH that’s only 0.5 KWH , if 1 KWH need 5 hours for the inverter to make the meter backwards then 0.5 KWH needs 2.5 hours. He only used the inverter for 40 minutes that’s not enough time to make the meter backwards. Next time use your brain before you say something. IDIOT.

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