Yossi Green Asking For Your Help To Rebuild Seagate!!!

PLEASE HELP REBUILD SEAGATE To donate please go to www.duvys.com HELP REBUILD SEAGATE JEWISH COMMUNITY DAMAGED BY HURRICANE SANDY The devastation is real, the damage is more than just physical. Families have lost everything. “The only thing left is the shirt on my back”, is no longer a saying, it’s real. Your donations are desperately needed to help hundreds of families start to recover from the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. We are compiling a list of items needed for the families, but for now we are in desperate need of funds for emergency day to day needs. Families are in desperate need of: Temporary Boarding Clothing Emergency Home Repairs Medical Expenses Temporary Transportation to/from Work Meals for Families and Volunteers This fund is being administered by Harav Pinchos Meisels Shilta Dayan of Seagate To donate please go to seagatehurricaneemergencyfund.blogspot.com Tax deductible checks can be sent to Congregation Yereim of Seagate Attn: Hurricane relief fund 1303 53rd Street, #258 Brooklyn, NY 11219 If you can assist with special equipment, clothing, or other assistance: Email: seagatehurricaneemergencyfund@gmail.com. Phone: (718) 557-7774 sgsandy.com Thank you very much!!

5 thoughts on “Yossi Green Asking For Your Help To Rebuild Seagate!!!”

  1. So sad but its so nice that so many people came to help MI keamcho yisrael but everyone continue donating money or time pass it on to all ur friends,neighbors & relative!!!! one last thing CAMP GOVOAH IS AWESOME!!!!

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