Harbor Freight Solar, DIY Solar Panels, PV photovoltaic, solar energy, solar training

This is a brief description of how to set up a solar unit and build a tracking device. Youtube is meant to be useful for everyone and a tool to assist those that need help, I explain how I did it all on my own without any help or assistance. This will allow others the opportunity to build better units and help someone else. Please share your knowledge because at some point you were the one clueless. Solar energy the answer to the future…GO green now and be prepared for later.

25 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Solar, DIY Solar Panels, PV photovoltaic, solar energy, solar training”

  1. Great video. You did a great job. I would be interested in knowing how it performs after a few months.

  2. Welcome to the fun of solar. You will want a inverter now. Either both a grid tie or a dc ac inverter. Look up donrowe for inverters he is really good. Good deals and very informative. Also make sure get a pure sine wave with temperate fan. This will have a fan that only runs when needed most HF inverters have fans that run non stop.
    Don’t get the 2000 watt inverter 3 huge fans run non stop and will kill your batt. quick

  3. Great video its nice to see a woman doing this. I get a little tired of watching the guys build this stuff. Keep the video’s coming, Thanks


  4. For A Lady You Did A Good Job
    I Just Want To Say Your Battery Bank Should Be Vented Well Outside If You Keep Your Batteries Inside
    To Let Those Nasty Gases Escape
    Spare No Expenses
    Use A 3-4 Inch Pipe With A Small Fan
    Computer fan Worls Great It’s Also 12 Volts You Can Run It Off Your Solar Panels
    If You Connect More Batteries Together + to + – to –
    It Still 12volts But Your Amp Hours Add Up


  5. Great job! You can’t beat the the Walmart Group 27 deep cycle batteries for the price, for connecting them, use battery cables. They are color coded and thick enough. You do need to put a few vent holes into the cabinet. Even with sealed batteries the cabinet can build up explosive gasses.
    Great use of the lazy susan, never would have thought of using that.

  6. survivalists2012

    Thats an awesome build… I like the tracking system… Great job on the videos…Again If you have any questions just give me a shout……..Mat@Survivalist2012

  7. Thats badass. I like it. Let me know more when you get to using it. I’ve never seen how they actually work. Your also handy with tools and thats always a good thing.

  8. Great and informative vid. My son is into solar panels as well. Keep the vids coming really enjoy them.

  9. Awesome first timer set up, I hope I wasnt the guy who didnt respond to you when you asked for help. A cool tip for the lights is, leave them plugged in and run them to a regular house hold switch you can find for about $3. Also leave the batteries out side and drill some holes in the side for ventilation, for batteries expel HHO very dangerous..Great video cant wait to see another…LATER FROM THE WEST COAST…

  10. Boondocksaint1745

    Great job lady. My wife would be proud of you. It always makes me happy to see people getting prepared. Keep up the good work.

  11. @ristin59 The reviews on youtube is what sparked a fire under me and Im glad I invested in them, they are wonderful. You should go ahead and get a set, at least if you mess something up the system isnt so expensive you’d be upset. Let us know how it goes

  12. @ascorpio09 LOL, easy no way!!! For someone who really knows how to use their power tools it may be easy but for me it was 2wks and counting

  13. Very nice, well done! I’ve been thinking on the same thing. I wasn’t sure how go the Harbor freight kit would be. Definitely going to look at it more.

  14. a very good job!!!! thanks for sharing going to have to set one of these up myself…. u made it look easy……….

  15. @StiThis1 Thanks I try. LOL. It took me forever to finish this project, and to think I have another set to put up. SMH. Also, thanks for the support, I know I can always count on you to be one of the first to chime in. You’re awesome!!!

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