if my living room is green with high gloss white trim what color should my hall be?

living room is green you enter the hall on either end of the room I want a color to accent the living room. green is not dark or light just middle of the road green. Thanks for any ideas.

9 thoughts on “if my living room is green with high gloss white trim what color should my hall be?”

  1. Depends on the tint of green. I would go with a creamy yellow. It looks classy and makes it very light, bright and airy. Or if you don’t like that color, try a gold color.

    Neutral colors would not do a thing for the room. You need to compliment the room. Accesorize the room with throw pilliows, throws, nick nacks in the colors of the hall.

    It will look great.!!!!
    Good Luck

  2. If it’s a sage green, a mushroom beige color in the same weight as the sage color would look awesome with white trim! I’m actually describing my home that a decorator did. We bought the model….

  3. wheat straw made by porter paints…. would go well together…. use white trim ih hallway too

    Be Blessed!

  4. Be carefull not to pick anything dark for the hall… It will close it in and make the space look smaller… I would look at some off whites like Arizona White, Navajo White, or any light accenting color that would keep it open looking.

  5. Gray maybe? Thats a tough one, you dont want anything too bold to take away from the living room, I would go with a neutral color like gray or off white.

  6. how about some lime green cut with some off white–which should compliment both of the existing colors

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