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Tim Carter, of AsktheBuilder.com, demonstrates just how helpful some home software can be when drawing out plans for landscaping, building, or remodeling.

20 thoughts on “Home Design Software”

  1. google myvirtualhome – it’s a free package that is 10 times easier and better. It’s 35 mb, download register and you’re up and running in ten minutes.

    It’s free because manufacturers of real products pay to have them in the software. Absolutely web 2.0.

    New, fun, easy, powerful.

  2. How and where do I go to purchase the Software I am very Interested in purchasing it?

  3. I would go for reviews regarding any softwares on sale. Most of these softwares have fancy add ons that don’t really work. Like walk-thru and alway’s check the rendering finish if it looks cartoony dump it. For $125.00 they expect you to have good 3d video card. So be careful purchasing home design softwares if you don’t have enough power in your system or even if you do the rendering results is not equal to expensive 3D programs. Buy something that gives you a good rendering result!

  4. phenominal value / ratio retailing for 1/20th of Cheif Architect.

    Love the 3D foam model option. Innovative.

  5. I recently (within last month)found Punch 3D Home Design Platinum at a Target store. It was clearanced for $25USD. Since I was looking for software to help with a remodel, I couldn’t pass it up.

    Nice software. I still need some time with it, but I’ve already completed two models.
    I can’t wait to add things such as lighting to see if I can actually get results similar to what they show on their video.

  6. I like Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Pro. It is a “Lite” version of Chief Architect.

  7. Sometimes things get a little out of control in the office. My bat-cave office in the basement will never get the Most-Organized Award, unless I am the only one in the contest.

  8. Tim, it seems like you tool bench is neater than your office desk!

    I guess that is the way it should be.

  9. thats really good to use thanks for posting this i would like to be a carpenter one day and this helps me and your other videos

  10. 0oooVipernineooo0

    Thanks for replying Tim, I spent all day today on Google sketchup and I managed to biuld a very detailed 13 up staircase, but I have to agree Ive used Punch sw b4 and im leaning more toward getting this Architectural series.

  11. I have not. I am about to test BH&G Home Designer Pro 7.0. Something tells me Google’s Sketchup would not have all of the bells and whistles for blueprints.

  12. 0oooVipernineooo0

    Have you used Google sketchup? because Im trying to find out wihich is the better software for designing a home.

  13. This is what I needed long before our build. Very nice software! It would have driven our builder crazy. {chuckle}

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