What are some tips for living a "green life" that begin with the letter K, L, M, O, P, Q,T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

I’m making a presentation on the abc’s of green living and I need some help.

6 thoughts on “What are some tips for living a "green life" that begin with the letter K, L, M, O, P, Q,T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z”

  1. Geronimo Jackson

    k-kill anyone who dosn’t recycle
    L-launch your trash into space instead of throwing it out
    m-make your own organic clothes out of home-grown cotton
    o-obliterate any gas-fueled vehicles in your neighborhood
    p-paint your house with soy-based paint
    q-quit bathing to save water
    t-take an electric scooter to work instead of driving
    u-use only one sheet of toilet paper
    v-vaporize any non-green appliances in your house
    w-walk everywhere instead of driving, even if your destination is in the next county
    x-eXterminate your energy-wasting neighbors
    y-yodel to attract mountain goats to your yard
    z-zero tolerance for pollutors


  2. ok I’m gonna give you the beginnings you think of what to put after that

    Kool Aid is a no-no lol, too much sugar, and capri sun and other artificial flavored juices too…

    Lose the habit of…

    Mild weather is when you should…

    Order foods in restaurants in pare plates or reusable containers, Styrofoam is a KILLER…

    Plant trees to…

    Question yourself:

    Talk to other people to get group efforts…

    Use biodegradable products…

    Various things causes…


    X-mas: don’t waste…(also goes for other holidays and parties

    You all know that…

    ZEC=zero energy coefficient

  3. Karate instruction instead of tv
    , Lemonade made fresh from tree instead of store bought.
    , Mistle toe instead of lights made in china hanging on tree
    , Open the door for fresh air, not the air conditione./
    , Pee 3x in the toilet before flushing.
    , Quit leaving lights on, when leaving the room.
    ,TV watch only 3 hours a day. limit electricity use.
    , Use those recycling bins correctly.
    , Vehicle: drive less than needed!
    , Winterize your home!
    , Xtreme your yard, vegetation zoned that area only
    , Yard sale! instead of trashing. Books, clothes.
    , Zap bugs/flies with newspapers not pesticides.

  4. Keep unused lights turned off
    Lower your gas costs-ride a bike
    Make your own water bottles at home-using a reusuable bottle
    Open only cardboard containers of milk-no plastic
    Please recycle
    Quiet air systems means it is running efficiently for the economy
    Turn off water when you are brushing your teeth
    Use less detergent in your washer-half as much works well
    Very important-cut any plastic rings from bottles into pieces
    Waste not-want not-do not waste food,electricity, gas,or resources of the earth
    eXactly-use what you need and not more
    Yard waste should not be placed in storm drains where it can seep into the waterways
    Zip open a reusable bag for grocery store visits and save the plastic

  5. Keep wastes down
    Lights should be replaced with more efficient bulbs
    Make your own compost
    Organic vegetables should be used all the time
    Paper is best when made from post-consumer recycled
    Quit wasting energy
    Trade in your old appliances and cars for more efficient ones
    Use less aerosol cans
    Vegetables are best bought seasonally and locally
    Walk rather than drive whenever possible
    Xenon bulbs are more efficient
    You should never leave the TV or radio on when no one is
    listening or watching
    Zero carbon footprint is a goal

    You left out S:
    Shower with a friend

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