John Schaeffer on Solar Energy

John Schaeffer discusses solar energy improvements over the last 30 years, as long as Real Goods has been in business. Visit: or http for more info.

12 thoughts on “John Schaeffer on Solar Energy”

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  2. Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

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  4. AAAAAW DAM! thought this was Jon Scaffner from Iced Earth…o well dam…
    By the way human race is doomed, i dont mean it bad but if we are still worrying about our politics and ourselfs so much and not the earth and the bigger picture….
    We couldnt even reduce our co2 emmisions, nothing about reversing it which we should have done at least 5 years ago, we had our chance the earth will have revenge!!! hehe

  5. Wow! The woman at 1:50 is my first cousins wife. I didn’t even know to look for this video. I just happen to watch this video on solar energy and saw someone I’m related to.

  6. Go silfur-cells. Silicon wafers are not efficient. They need more energy to be produced than they’ll ever able to bring back.

  7. This Technique is been around for several Decades! Thanks for posting this information for us to remember and maybe apply in the nearfuture.Great Video Thanks!

  8. GrapefruityTikbit

    ooooooh. It’s about time GaiamSearch posted something new. I remember George Monbiot saying that solar cells took the most energy to produce, which makes me eager to see governments switch to offshore wind… But since turbines are pretty much out of the question, until the gov’t gets some real leaders, perhaps solar is the best option. Thanks GaiamSearch. Good info. Good yoga.

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