How can I make a career in the solar heating / energy field?

I’m working in IT Helpdesk field and no longer interested in this kind of work. I can’t stand sitting at a desk in an office answering phones, e-mails and helping others with their technical problems.

I am very good with technology/computers and want to start a career in the solar energy field, preferably as a technician working with solar heating and energy.

How can I make this start?

What kind of salary would I be making?

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  1. Man are you in the right place. Get yourself to a tech school for installing solar panels,windmills,solar steam Generation this big. What ever you like . Do it with an eye of becoming an engineer and above

  2. ive been a solar thermal tech for 2 years now, and we hire guys with the following key skills:
    1. are you good on the roof and have at least a small amount of carpentry knowledge?
    2. are you willing to learn how to plumb?
    3. electric skills not necessary but a big plus

    No. 1 is the most important. i can teach a monkey how to pipe copper and run pex. keep in mind this is for solar thermal, not pv. i would imagine being an exp. electrician is the way to go.

    solar companies are more than willing to give a person with little exp. a chance if your a fast learner. in house training on the job using your hands, in my opinion, is the only way if your not exp.

    If you start in the field as an installer, expect 13 an hour. of course that depends on where you live. the turnover is pretty fast because there is a lot of incompetent people, so you could rise to crew leader etc… pretty quick and get close to 20.

  3. I have a very close friend that started a solar business.

    He was living in an old Converted School Bus and did not have a job and very little money with a wife and children.

    This was several years ago. He researched solar panels and bought a couple on credit and sold them along with instillation cost.

    His business grew because he worked hard at it. Spending many hours. Sometimes just barley making expenses.

    Now he has the best reputation in the business and is highly respected. People come from all over the US to have their RV’s equipped will Solar systems.

    Here is a link to his business. It has come a long way from the begining..

    Are you willing to make the same scarifies he did. If so them you have a very bright carrier ahead of you. The American Dream is still out there and doing well. All one has to do is work for it. Good Luck.

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