Ambassador Energy on Heart Beat of America Solar Energy PART TWO

Ambassador Energy is interviewed by William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn on the Heartbeat of America television series. It is an introduction to the Ambassador Energy Revolution! Ambassador Energy invites you to play a vital role in changing the climates of our world. We are the liaison between renewable energy solutions and our agencies who deliver them. Our commitment is to shine a light on emerging solar technologies, provide business processes and training for operating your own solar and renewable energy agency. You will be given the tools, training, products and ongoing support so that you or your company can compete and thrive in today’s renewable energy market.

3 thoughts on “Ambassador Energy on Heart Beat of America Solar Energy PART TWO”

  1. Reliable renewable energy is ready to be distributed. I am an inventor entrepreneur and have at least a dozen reliable sources at the moment. I simply need someone to take me under their wings.

  2. if this market is evolving so quickly and is clearly market and region specific, how could there possibly be a formula which claims to be the best? Secondly if every one decides to use this formula, wouldn’t it pay to be the ones who like you guys, did things a bit differently to create a market niche?

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