What creative ways have you found to make your home green?

What are the ways you’ve found?

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10 thoughts on “What creative ways have you found to make your home green?”

  1. If you replace too many windows/appliances/light bulbs are you actually making your home more green? These items then will all be disposed of and tossed into a land fill. The items in the long run will save energy and your utility bill charges. Only replace items when absolutely needed. Remodeling is a large landfill problem.

    When carpet needs to be replaced think of cork/bamboo wood flooring or tile. These types of flooring are easy to clean without chemicals, and they can last the lifetime of your home. Bamboo and cork will not cause the life of a tree to be lost. In fact, you will help the cork industry which is suffering since the loss of the use in wine bottles. Bamboo grows back so quickly I’ve heard you can hear it grow. Cork is also a natural insulator and insect repellent.

    There is actually a group I belong to through Yahoo called Freecycle. When you wish to update some of the appliances or even your TV/computer you can pass them on. I have given a medicine cabinet/refridgerator/light fixtures etc. through this group. Hopefully, to someone who can really benefit by them too. Someone may even take your old windows for an art project.

    I grow my own organic vegetables and have a home compost bin I purchased through IKEA. It is stored neatly and odor free under my cabinet. All my kitchen veggie/fruit scraps go in and I dig them into my garden area. I cut my lawn with a hand push mower. Self powered without the gas motor. It is also a great work out. Thus, you can freecycle the treadmill. I will admit I can’t do it all the time, but early spring I hardly bring out the gas mower. I save all my rain water through my downspout barrels. This is my main source for the organic vegetable garden.

  2. I haven’t done a single thing to intentionally make my house green. I use "green" cleaner sometimes because I have little kids and I use the line, but that’s just to save money on the electric bill.

  3. use florescent light bulbs and plant pants and take a little less time in the shower and turn off the water while brushing your teeth!!

  4. Buying better appliances (energy savers) such as washers, dryers, light bulbs. Good insulation’s and anything that keeps heat inside the house, ie; sun visor. window drapes etc.

    Spider plants, small palm trees, and other indoor plants are good sources of absorbing harmful gases inside, and it makes the house looks lively along with some good landscape pictures. Cleanliness, better housekeeping, and furniture arrangement are very important. It makes you feel better and relax specially when you just come home from work tired and exhausted, lol…

  5. Get all green designer and quality of home furnishing products from Parameswari Textiles.

  6. installed a high-efficiency A/C; heat radiant barrier in the attic; thicker insulation in the attic; double-paned windows; recycle all recyclable materials; don’t bag leaves (mow to mulch) for healthier soil and reduce land-fill usage; H2O2 & vinegar for cleaning; high efficiency washer and dryer; cloth napkins; use low VOC paint and no oil-based paints for painting; hmmm, I am sure there are more………


  7. I’ve done considerably over (5) yrs ago to change everything I possibly could, as in changing my lights, using led whenever possible and insulating my windows and doors, I wish I could get an efficient solar panel for south exposure…if you know of one for an individual consumer that works well I’d love that!

    Even though Christmas Cleanup has begun, there are still great low and no impact alternatives for those things-to-do-items you may have on your list for the New Year. We all need to make a resolution for a greener 2010 so here are some very helpful options! If you haven’t already done so, resolve to buy Green products as a first consideration before jumping in the car to the store for supplies. You can pick from sustainable furniture to party supplies and non-toxic natural cleansers, etc. Listed below are a few websites which provide information and products that in many instances far exceed the quality of non-earth-friendly choices:

    holidayleds.com or Call (888) 430-6551.– The new alternative, LED lights (light emitting diode), are quickly gaining popularity because of the many benefits. The LED lights do initially cost three to four times as much, but you’ll save a tremendous amount of electricity since these LEDs can be as much as 90% more efficient than incandescent lights and last ten times longer. They also produce very minimal heat, and are virtually indestructible, making them a much safer alternative for the family.
    Don’t know what to do with those outdated strands of incandescents? Now you can send them to Holidayleds and they’ll recycle them for you!

    thegreenguide.com– Providing energy-saving green gifts, household cleaners, product reviews, tips, quizzes, health news, gardening, green building/development, etc.

    ecoproducts.com– Having a party? All of the supplies are here, from compostable cups, corn cutlery to sugarcane plates, doggy pick-up bags, etc. All bio-degradable!

    greenandmore.com– Sustainable source furniture, low-cost water purifiers & shower heads, air purifiers, electricity monitors, solar power equipment, energy efficient appliances, etc.

    ecowise.com– Non-toxic, earth-friendly household items, cleaning and garden products. Safe baby supplies and toys, also appliances, books, and much more.

    thinkrecycle.com– Free print cartridge and cell phone recycling program that allows you to earn money while helping the environment. There’s no cost to join and Think Recycle supplies you with collection, recycling services and pays you for doing the right thing. Also, for every 12 rebated products you collect, they will plant one tree on your behalf.

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