How do I find a "Green" home builder in Phx, AZ?

3 thoughts on “How do I find a "Green" home builder in Phx, AZ?”

  1. Call green building products and supply over on 1522 E. Victory st and ask them about a reputable green builder 602-305-9397 good luck from TEXAS

  2. I don’t know,but will give you an idea on green construction. A house in Lafayette CA was To be solar. The contractor constructed a rack for solar panels and a shed to hold the batteries and inverters. Power for construction equipment came from the solar system. Not just a solar system, but solar powered construction.

    BTW. Because of concern about possible roof leaks, my solar panels are mounted on an overhang and the garage. I would much rather have a leak over the garage Than over the attic. Sure enough, after a couple of years we had a small leak over the garage.

  3. I would build myself if i had the funds. Try building a strawbale home. IT is 1 of the greenest buildings last and is great for the future as well. Lots of people in AZ area have done it infact 1 lady even wrote a book about it.You can do a search for strawbale builders or have a clinic. Then the contractor will help build and the students will pay him and help build as well. you can even have 2 story homes this way.

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