How do I get my husband to join in my quest for green living?

Its not that he isn’t pro-green, because he is, it’s just that I’ve come to understand that a huge part of green living is living a minimalist and clutter-free lifestyle. I mean, I’m not going to ask him to get rid of his Xbox or iPod, but we don’t need everything we have. I’m prepared to make this transition and de-clutter my life, but I’m not sure he is. How can I let him know the decision I’ve made so that he’s pumped up about it and willing to do it too?

3 thoughts on “How do I get my husband to join in my quest for green living?”

  1. If you want him to be happy about the changes you need to consider his feeling. I disagree that a green life needs to be a minimalist life-style. If you already have an item, the damage has been done. It is better to keep something if it has a use than to get rid of it and have to replace it later. I consider all of my purchases, I try to buy items that are made sustainably and to buy quality so I won’t need to replace it. Change is difficult for many people so go slow. If you want to get rid of your own items that’s your choice, but you must have had a need for the item to have spent money on it to begin with. I wouldn’t pressure him to do the same until he was ready. The best way to get someone on board is to show them the benefit of the action. If you can’t tell him how he will benefit why would you ask him to do it. If you will save money on the utility bill or get a toxin out of the house he is more likely to see it as a good thing.

    Do consider how the item will be disposed of and try to re purpose it when possible. Craig’s list and Freecycle are great ways to find people who will use what you no longer want.

  2. where did you get that idea? unless its preparation to moving to a smaller and more energy efficient space.

    just dont buy any more new stuff. i dont see why you have to get rid of what you have already…

    clutter takes up air space, and provides thermal mass, so reduces your heating needs and helps regulate the temperature in your gaff. that’s my excuse anyway 🙂

  3. If you want to inspire him about decluttering and he is at least somewhat eco-sensitive, show him the tiny house video (the most recent post on my blog below has a link to it, tumbleweed tiny house company). I was inspired by it myself, of course I am not going to sell my house and go live in a 60 sq. ft. home (I don’t think my husband would be too crazy about that), but it might get him thinking that you really aren’t asking for much.

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