We just got a new home, the carpet throughout is a very dark green. How to paint?

I want to paint the living room with 2 opposing walls a neutral color, & the other 2 opposing walls a shade of green that will coordinate….or should i just do all neutral? anybody have any suggestions? Photos would be great!
or maybe just one wall a coordinating green and 3 neutral walls?
relevant answers only please

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  1. I definitely would not do the alternating walls different colors.
    Think of the room this way…the part of the room you want to be the focal point should stand out. The parts you do not want to "accentuate" should blend in.

    If you like the carpet then I would choose a neutral shade for the walls in a tan, pale green or gray that leans toward green. If you do not like the carpet then I would find the largest area rug you can afford, that you really like and choose a subtle color from the rug and use it on the walls.
    I personally would paint all the walls the same color unless you happen to have a fireplace wall for instance. In that case, I might paint that an accent color that is not too dramatic but draws your eye there.

    Try to choose a color/s for the room that you are also using throughout the whole house. Helps to keep a nice flow going and also makes the whole space appear larger and more open.

    Another option, a dark caramel color could also look nice with dark green carpeting. Of course, this would create a really dark room. It could still work if the room has alot of windows or you have very light furniture.

    You could also go with a creamy white on all the walls and then use an accent color in some of the furnishings…lamp, throw pillows, drapes, etc.

    The wall color selection also depends on the furniture color/s.

    I prefer Olympic 0 VOC interior latex because it is environ friendly, no odor, only $22. a gallon. I get mine at Lowes but can be found elsewhere. Use a satin finish for all the rooms. Flat for ceilings.

  2. maybe you should see how the floor looks underneath the green carpet and if in good shape you should "recycle" them (forgot the term carpenters use). like sand and stain the floors and paint the walls whatever colour you want with out having the difficulty to match.
    If this dosent help you should go to a home depot bring pictures of your home and ask their advice they will be happy to help you and they are professionals.

  3. I did a home with forest green carpet and absolutely loved it….never got tired of it. I also loved Christmas colors and decided to use that with touches of red and did that for a long while. I figured if I loved my house decorated at Christmas time, I would love it…and I did.

    The carpet goes great with white walls, off white, a very light beige…which I had in my kitchen.
    The color never showed dirt…did show lint (white)…a little more. I also had a dark green couch and love seat and worried it would be too much…but it wasn’t.

    Now, I am always wishing for that color of carpet again.

  4. the absolute best color to use for the walls in a room with a dark green carpet is a pale gray. do not use a bold dark color, that will only clash with the carpeting,,because of the strong carpet color, this room needs toning down. I would not use 2 colors on the walls, they should all be in the same shade of gray. However, one accent wall done in natural stone or slate would look fantastic if thats something feasible for you to do.
    For the walls use a shade of gray that is quite light and has just a faint hint of green in it.
    you can tell if its the correct shade of gray by getting several samples and holding then next to the carpet.
    the color of your furniture upholstery, accessories, draperies, and artwork will also play a major role in defining the mood of the room.

  5. So many options….

    You can put in a chair rail and do green on the bottom in a flat or venetian plaster or a wallpaper. and the neutral on top for a traditional look.


    Choose a color such as a metallic copper or silver for an accent wall for a modern look.


    Do a gradient green darker on the bottom to a white or cream on top for an urban look

    Grey and pale yellow would look great on the green too for a french country look..

    To do vintage you would bring in cool reds and silvers or golds.

    To do "earthy" you would stick with soft earth tones and accents.

    You need to define your style with other items in the rooms first…Pick a pattern that will be either an area rug to break up the green or a large art print for the sofa or a print for the bed… Once you do that your wall choices will be easy. Always work from your pattern and style out to the wall.

    If your furniture style is Traditional, Antique, Modern, Country, Urban it will dictate what you do to the walls.

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