How do you build a green house at home?

My husband and I want to grow our own fruits, veggies, etc. And we want to raise our own meat. Basically we want to grow as much of our own food as we can. PLease help….

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  1. Much depends on your budget to setup, amount of land and your location (rural?). You can build a 8′ x 8′ greenhouse with regular timber and UV protected plastic for as little as $300 or buy a good one for $2000 plus. There are many things to know and learn – check the URL below for a whole bunch of info.

  2. Go to Lowes -or- Home Depot (cuz they’re everywhere; no store loyalty here) and look at the self help books on the subject. they don’t care how long you stand there looking as long as they aren’t closing! OR if you have a Harbor Freight store in your area they sell kits CHEAP to build one. All inclusive too!

    Most importantly have fun doing it, unless you want to do it as a career, it should be enjoyable.

  3. You could use PVC pipe and elbows to build the frame. Covered with clear plastic, it should make a good decent greenhouse. Make sure that it has ventilation to help keep molds and fungus growth down.

  4. i’ve seen a nifty plan for a small "green house" either by Martha Stewart or some other magazine where you take an old wooden door that has a lot of glass. Frame that out with wood to make a box, etc. It looks like it would work great. And also good for people who have smaller lots, etc.

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