how has green living changed your driving habits?

just looking for suggestions
thanks in advance.

9 thoughts on “how has green living changed your driving habits?”

  1. I am very careful not to skid on moss. When I can’t avoid it altogether, that is.

    Seriously? I grew up green, just not neon. With driving, you go for the smallest efficient engine and keep it in tune. You drive off the top half of the tank and thus get better mileage. You do not race to gain 5 seconds before a light changes, but try to maintain a steady driving speed just under the limit without riding either gas pedal or brake, and then try to time your arrival at traffic lights when they are green, within those restrictions. It’s sort of like a videogame, only it’s a sim, only it’s a roleplay, only it’s – omigod, playing OUTSIDE of the computer! I am in real life….which means …we could…run..puff..huff.. out..gasp ..of..air…..

  2. I drive as much as I want, we can afford it and I could careless about the people who can’t.

  3. Does any one really believe the government is serious about the environment and green issues. What are they doing?

  4. We only drive when going out of town now. We live in a town that it’s easy to get to stores on bikes or by walking, so it was an easier switch than if we lived out in the country.
    We have saved $400 in a month by doing this, even with a car, not an SUV or anything big.

  5. I moved closer to work and bought a bike. Actually, it wasn’t so much about green living as saving money. I hardly ever drive to work now.

  6. I pump my tires to 95% of max wall pressure. I want to save gas but not at the risk of having a blow out. I drive at speed less than 65 on highway. It takes me about 20 minutes longer on a 400 miles trip, but I do manage to squeeze about 5 more miles per gallon.

  7. Honestly? It really hasn’t. I still have to drive to work and back. Then I have to drive to class and back. Thats the breaks living in a rural area.

  8. I have definitely stopped driving so aggressively. I don’t race out from stop lights.
    I accelerate slowly and evenly trying not to get above 3 on the tacometer.
    I also start slowing down as soon as I see a red light. No reason to speed up only to stop again.
    I set the cruise at 60 on the highway in the slow lane and let everyone blow by me.
    I try to relax on the road because road rage does nothing good for my gas mileage.

    I have definitely noticed a better gas mileage because of it. It really is the best way to notice a change in gas mileage. keeping the tires properly inflated and emptying the trunk can also help out.

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