YouTips4U – Go Green – Improve the Air in Your Home Look/Feel Healthier with Plants

To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit Hi, in this video I show you how you can easily improve the air quality in your home or office by adding oxygen-rich plants. Plants, especially certain varieties, remove toxins from the air that build up in our homes. They also add to our decor with their beautiful colors. I’ve identified some very easy-care plants that you can try immediately that are very high on the air-filtering scale. So if you want to look and feel better; clean air is the place to start! Plants are wonderful! I hope you find this video helpful and that it will remind you of the importance of plants in your life and environment and the quality of the air you breath. Please Subscribe because I have a lot of great helpful tip videos to come. I always love to hear from you; so please comment :o)

22 thoughts on “YouTips4U – Go Green – Improve the Air in Your Home Look/Feel Healthier with Plants”

  1. love u…that was so informative..watched most of ur videos…they all make so much sense…i must say ..u r doing a great job !!

  2. Kittyportugall

    I can’t have plants in my house because my cat eats them 🙁
    what can I do?

  3. Hi, thank you for your request. I will put it on my list. It may be a while though, unfortunately, none of my plants needs repotting yet.

  4. Recently, I picked up the hobby of gardening and decided to start with house plants. I have a pothos and it is getting huge so now it’s time to repot…do you have a video showing how to repot a pothos or can you post a video showing how to do this? I’m going to try my best now to repot it, but for future repottings, this video would be helpful! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  5. Hi, I totally agree with you and I do use green cleaning products as well. Thanks so much for sharing :o)

  6. great tips about plants to remove toxins in your home but what about removing those toxic cleaners and using green products instead? i have done this and my home has improved a million times over and it’s eco friendly.

  7. I have not tried to cultivate these plants from seeds. I’m sure you can with the spider plant because it makes a flower, but not sure with the pothos. I think the best way to begin is to buy an already adult plant and then you can make cuttings from it to easily produce more plants for other areas of your home.

  8. hello do they sell seeds for the spiderplants and the pothos plants?how do i get started?

  9. Oh no! I have a suggestion for you that I do. Next time water them the night before you go away. Usually they can make it for a week without another watering until you get back. That’s too bad :o(

  10. xoxoxoxToRyxoxoxox

    haha i got a load of plants and then went away for a week and my mum didnt water them so they all died. 🙁 lol

  11. OMG you are so cute! I love the length of your hair. Great vid, just you didn’t mention to keep them away from small children and pets. Esp. the spider plant. But good job your plants look great.

  12. I’m definitely going to get some plants for my room, I hope I’ll have to air the room less in these cold months. Thank you for the wonderful tips!

  13. Thank You! Too bad about the dorm regulations, you’ll just have to keep it in mind for after you graduate and get your own place!! In the mean, time your new little plant is still a wonderful contribution to the atmosphere of your room. Always great to hear from you!!

  14. Hi, great to hear from you! I usually don’t re pot them as they grow down if they are in a med -lg. pot. Most of my plants where bought in the pots you see so I leave them that way. When I grow cuttings, I will pot them together in a larger pot and let them grow into it so I can avoid re potting. I use Schultz Plant Food Plus fertilizer. It’s great for most indoor plants and it’s so easy to use. Just 7 drops per quart when I water.

  15. Hi again…Great tips as always! Do you re pot your plants as they grow and also do you use any form of fertilizer on them? Thank you in advance!!

  16. Those plants are so beautiful!
    I just got foliage with pink leafs the other day for my dorm room. It’s really small though, sadly they won’t let us have bigger plants in the dorms. 🙁

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