how is eco friendly clothing good for the environment?

hey i wanted to now how is green clothing good for the environment
help please!! thanks

2 thoughts on “how is eco friendly clothing good for the environment?”

  1. when you buy normal clothing, like cotton, it will be treated with pesticides which negatively affect the land and animals which come in contact with the pesticide. The pesticides are mainly used for increasing the amount of cotton grown. But by buying the Eco friendly clothing, the cotton will not be treated by pesticides, instead it will be naturally grown.

  2. u’re kinda wrong, if u buy eco-friendly clothing that will not make natural-grown cotton. the cotton will still be grown with adding of pesticides and insecticides -> TO INCREASE THE EFFICENCY and amount, there will always be a BIIIG demand of cotton.
    But if u buy eco-friendly clothing that will encourage making clothing FROM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS, and perhaps, over time it will reduce the amount of pesticides/insecticides used to grow good cotton.
    if u get to diminish those substances than u make a good thing for Environment, u won’t kill us(overtime) u wont kill insects/bees/other animals that are related to soil/plants(nearby those cotton fields), pesticides can go for long way with the water if they get into the soil…to many reasons not to use pesticides, therefor to use eco-friendly stuff.
    BTW google some facts like DDT -now realeasing from OCEANS, or after 20 years there was found DDT in BREAST MILK …

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