St Patricks Day Dublin College Green 2010- Festival Parade- Special Coverage Part 1

This certainly is the BIGGEST AND BEST CELEBRATION OF ST PATRICKS DAY IN THE WORLD!!! …..Special Coverage- Part 1…. This year, Ireland celebrated its 15th year of St Patricks Festival with a 6 day fun filled entertainment for people of all ages starting from 12th to 17th March 2010 in its Captial city Dublin. The theme for this years St. Patricks Family Parade parade was Extraordinary World… …It is also called St Paddys Day, Patricks Day and Paddys Day. You will see most of the prople coming from various multicultural backgrounds wearing green clothing and Irish symbolic items like shamrocks, leprechaun hats, etc:-… …Named after Saint Patrick (AD 387- 461), Patricks Day is celebrated every year on 17th March and is a public holiday…Families go out together, visit heritage and art centres, attend masses, participate in sports events and attend the St Patricks Parade and engage in other festival activities and competitions like the Treasure Hunt. It is also one of the most busiest and profitable days for pubs and hotels as celebrations include mass alcohol consumption with singing and dancing… … The festival showcases Ireland art, heritage and culture. The city was filled with people and I managed to capture the parade for a short time. A big APPRECIATION to all the Garda, ambulance, volunteers and other authorities who did a

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